Submit Questions for @Chris_Hoover's IFCI Interview

@Chris_Hoover’s IFCI Question Thread

Hello, and welcome to the official IFCI question thread for our latest interview. Continue reading to find out more about our subject and how you should ask your question(s). To produce interviews, we need your help in submitting questions that you, the community members, would like to see answered.

Our current subject hails from Connecticut, is a firefighter, skier, sits on the AAVA Board of Directors, and was recently married. So ask any questions you like, but please keep in mind.

– Please keep questions on topic, appropriate, and kind. Thanks!
– Have fun! Ask questions that interest you! Make it worth everyone’s time.

See you on the interview topic! || Check out IFCI!


Hmmm. I might have to get a few questions here ;)

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As long as it’s better than adam’s lol

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What is this battle that seems to be going on with you and @bluepanda900?


I have tones of questions for Chris

  1. Did you save my old AAVA callsign and rank?
    2.Do you butter?
    3.Want to have an approach off?
    4.Where Did you find the community?
    5.Why don’t you have your BAVA profile pic as your profile pic in BAVA that Adam probably sent you when you joined?
    6.How does it feel being married?

7.Have you thought of having children?

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Kind of wanted to know this…

  • What was your favorite Star Wars scene in any of the movies?
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• When reading a terrain map, does the “N” stand for North or Not North?
• Will you ever control at Mexico City or Milan again?
• since you can’t ever find proof of myself or @anon66442947 crashing, do you prefer to do it manually and vector us into terrain?


Also Milan

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Hey there Chris!
Over the while I’ve known you, I’ve heard bits and pieces of firefighting stories and tales. So here’s my question - what’s the most peculiar case you’ve been on?

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-Son or daughter coming?
-How is it in Connecticut compared to the Turks?
-What is the weirdest place you’ve gone to and why was it so weird?

Is Rocco a better pilot than you?

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Hello Chris,

How did you find this forum/Infinte Flight? How has it changed You?

Agree with @BluePanda900 here. Expect a bunch of questions shortly :)

Are you excited to have a kid?

I am so ecstatic to see all of your great potential questions @Transport_Hub. I will ensure to answer them with a nice detailed response so you can really get to know me more 🙄

What’s your birthday? 😂

For the sake of the rest of the IFC. Personally, I’m well aware of when his bday is

Just two questions from me:

  1. Isn’t living in the Caribbean awesome? (I lived in Bermuda for three years)
  2. Do you prefer the light side or dark side of the force?

How do you read an approach chart?

Nvr mind I’ll ask someone else ;)

What’s the reason for your love of AAL?


Oh yea one more
8.What happened at your worst ATC session?


How did you find the IFC and what convinced you to stay?


What do you most look forward to on the IFC AND Infinite Flight?