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Who is Balloonchaser 😂


What operating system do you run on?

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The one and only JackBot


What is your favourite and least favourite thing about hot air balloons? Can you describe the feeling of being in one?
Have you ever had any scary experiences being in one?

Being bad obviously I’ve never heard of him. I’m guessing he likes chasing balloons?

He’s that annoying guy on the ATC slack


What program does Jackbot run off and do you plan to ever make it an open source program on github?

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Correction: I’m the Hot Bot on the IFATC Chat! :)


@AndrewRG10 You stole my question… darn.

Is there a special bot in your life? 😂😂
How did you join the Community?
Do you like balloons more than planes?
Which do you prefer: cookies or cupcakes?

That’s all. 😂😂


I answer one of them right now…

I am the one and only <3

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What was the most surprising about joining IFATC?

Have you ever had an accident while in a balloon?

Are the baskets real or is it just for looks from the outside?

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Well I guess we already know his sense of humour is just awful.


How often do you go hot air ballooning? Do you dream of having your own hot air balloon?

I have questions!

  1. Is it hard to go balloning

  2. When we approached you to do the Codeshare agreement, what where your thoughts about it before you accepted?

  3. Before the Aviation Airways Event, did you ever imagine another VA setting up shop at Denver besides United and Southwest?

  4. The first landing of AV830 didn’t go as planned. How did you react?

That’s all my questions :)

IFI should have a discourse in my opinion just having the Hosting Problem :)

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Misha I have never seen you crack a good joke either (2nd time I’ve roasted you, I’ll keep coming)
How did JackBot just all of a sudden kick out Jack Bravo and replace him?

If that counts as a roast I really worry


I know. Literally not even responded to any of them. It’s like eating the last really thin stale bit of bread at the end of the loaf; you don’t.


Hey Balloon chaser, how bad do you miss your dear balloons in the Infinite Flight?

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Tbh… Trying to get them added into IF!! :P