Submit airports for Real Life airport event

If you would like to help out with the official event thread and/or setup please get in touch with me @Marshall_Hilfman via DM/PM or emailing I would greatly appreciate the help so please do consider this. Thank you so much!

ITS NOW CONFIRMED THAT KEWR IS THE WINNER! EVENT WILL BE POSTED SOON. KEWR swept the poll by 3 votes, with only one vote for close to 20 airports! The poll is closing WAY earlier than I thought due to bias towards Newark, thanks for voting guys! The community had picked KEWR! 👍

I voted for KEWR, United roundup :D


KIAD is a terrific option

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Already have voters 👍 remember guys, VOTE ON THE GOOGLE FORM. LINK IS HERE!

I thought of doing it in Mumbai International airport. India isn’t very busy in IF, but it’s the third busiest airspace in real life, in the world, so why not give it some traffic? :)

So far (turn phone sideways to see better):


KEWR is a great choice. :)

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I will stop accepting responses at 💯! We are currently at 13. So far KEWR is in the lead with 3 votes. There are already over 10 airports so consider voting for some airports already listed such as KIAD, KMCO, KABQ, VABB, KDCA, or CYYZ. You do not need to vote for the airports above they are just suggestions to try and even the poll up! If you want your home airport do that by all means!

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Hopefully if it’s picked we don’t get a ton of noobs flying over from JFK, that’s the one issue with New York airspace as this will be on Training Server 1 so everyone can come. But I agree EWR deserves some love!

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I would say katl kmia or kord.

I voted for KTUS, we’re there only certain airports to pick from? :/


Nope! Pick ANY airport! ;)

I made my pick, hopefully it gets picked.

IT’S CONFIRMED! KEWR was the winner! The event will be posted sometime soon!

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