Subject Verb Agreement Inconsistency in Settings

In the general tab under settings there are a few inconsistencies with subjects and verbs, in descriptions of settings.

Under the “Invert External Cameras Vertical Motion” the description reads
"Invert the vertical motion of the of external cameras**

Under the “Invert Internal Cameras Vertical Motion” the description reads
"Inverts the motion of internal camera (Tower, Onboard, Cockpit)

In the first description it appears the second person subject is being used that is why there is no “S” at the end of “Invert”
However in the second description, it appears that the singular third person subject is being used, such as ‘one person’, that is why there is an “S” at the end.

These are both correct uses, but one should be chosen. In most of the other settings the singular third person is used, except for a few others on the general tab. I will included a picture of the general tab so you can see the inconsistency.

How to Reproduce

  1. Open Infinite Flight
  2. After it loads there should be a gear in the upper left hand corner. Click that to bring you to settings.
  3. Look at the tabs on the left, make sure “General” has been selected.

iPad Pro 128GB
IOS 9.2


@Freddiefrogs’s “grammer lessons with @Carson” speech…


Did @Henrik_B get the sack as Chief Bug Finder?

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You all can joke all you want, but these are important when considering professionalism. And btw you might have another lesson soon😉


These bugs are on another level…

It’s not mine to fix. I do, however, completely understand bug finding. We need IF to be the finished product.

I think this is the first bug report I’ve actually laughed at. What a title, hahaha.


This is serious stuff😠


I actually thought this was a joke.

What a waste of my time. @Carson don’t you have an olympic to organize?

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I actually do. The next event isn’t my job, so I have a little break.

I do see your point tho.

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Does everyone see that? That’s 2 independent clauses joined with a comma and a coordinating conjunction!


Thank you for this absolute, astonishing and amazing lesson on the english grammar.

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Nice use of alliteration.


😂 To be more specific, the type of alliteration is assonance:)

Are you sure this should be in the “bugs” category? Should we consider this a bug or just poor English?

Until there’s a poor English category it’s staying in bugs😂

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This is more of a feature request. A bug is code that doesn’t work as intended. Nice laugh though


Interesting… I would say this is an error which is closer to bugs than features

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Ah but that would be a grammatical error, and you’re requesting it to be fixed ;)

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