Subject of IFVARB

How can we do that:

Experience Statement

Operations Plan


Here’s some helpful information about the experience statement and operations plan- image is from

As for the website, you will need to make one. There are tons of free website makers out there, like Wix or Weebly. Google “free website maker” for some more ideas. The website will need info about application requirements, staff, nice pictures, and other helpful info.

Starting, building and getting a VA/VO approved is lots of work, and I wish you good luck!


Please use the IFVARB website for more information, also remember that you need to become TL2. When making a VA/VO make sure it’s not made, pending, or banned. If you do not have experience with VA/VOs, I strongly recommend you join one first, become a member on the forum then possibly staff, then make your own.

Good luck.

Happy flying! 👨‍✈️

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