Subcategory of Live for Conflicts?

Could you please add a new category for threads that are complaints about a perceived conflict experienced in Live?

It feels like complaint threads are inevitably going to continue since we have such a broad range of experience and maturity. It would be nice to be able to filter the user attack threads out! They always come across as cheap with no foreseeable resolution.

Please save us from dignifying these threads with a “view” before it gets locked or deleted! Give @Swang007 a bigger stick to steer us away!


Is this forum developed to start and make Conflicts? NO!

  • Mostly the devs. wouldn’t have though of this.
  • This place is for healthy IF discussion ;)
  • This is like "Making some arrangements for conflicts to grow "

… and yet it happens on a regular basis. Lately it feels like a daily thing!

I agree with you, but I wish there was a flag saying stay away, i.e. a category or something.

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