Sub seems to have ran out 1 day early


I buy a one month sub and haven’t had this problem before.

My sup semester to have run out early. I checked the auto biller and it said it won’t bill till tomorrow. Any suggestions to fix this. I included photos


Contact @schyllberg, he should be able to help you out :)


I’ll let him see the thread so it can be used fir similar cases


The subscription date might just be synced to Zulu time, where it is already past 2am on 14 December. You might have to wait for the subscription to automatically renew.

At midnight it renews mine expired on the eleventh and I thought I had the whole day but it straight away had expired that’s the way it is

@Lovethisgame @EyesSkyward Wrong and Wrong. With Apple, it finishes at the exact second, one month after it began.

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Right, well there’s the answer. A month passed from the purchase of this subscription, to the second.

That’s not the answer. If you read the OPs Photos, you’ll see it did expire too early, by 1 day.

Well what would be a reasonable explanation for this? Just curious

It’s most likely a mixed reading from Apple, sending an incorrect answer to IF, making it think it’s done, when it’s actually not. I might be wrong though, as I don’t know how all the In-App Purchases work

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If I recall correctly, I remember someone saying there is a grace period of 1-2 days, @schyllberg are you able to confirm?

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Hey guys,

  1. As I mentioned before, this hasn’t happened to me over a whole year of IF

  2. Just wait for @schyllberg to answer, as he knows best.


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Just try a simple device restart, it looks fine on our end :)


Ok, thanks