Sub Menu of Check Help Pages that Tells a Pilot What They Did Wrong

“Check the Help Pages” message to a pilot is extremely vague sometimes, pilots can’t always put into context what they are doing wrong.

So I propose a sub menu of the “check the help pages” menu that then takes you to a list of topics that a pilot could have done wrong. Then the ATC would choose the topic that the pilot made the error in, and now the pilot knows specifically how to improve. Over time, the goal of this would be to reduce repetitive errors made by pilots, such as remaining in the pattern, and going around, would be fixed. Especially with the changes coming to ATC with global, we are going to want our pilots interacting with ATC in the most proper manner. Comments / feedback / ideas welcome.

Way too long of a message IMO. The current system is fine, and you wouldn’t hear this type of thing in real life.


This isn’t real life…

And pilots wouldn’t be allowed to fly IRL if they didn’t know what they were doing. This is just a step to improve overall realism.


Most pilots now don’t bother to “check help pages” anyway, I doubt telling them what they did wrong would give any more incentive.

It would in expert, you don’t want to get ghosted again


The ideal method is just to tell them to check help pages. Not to broadcast it to everyone on the frequency. If the pilot wants to know what he did wrong and why he was told to check help pages, then he should contact the controller.


This simply isn’t practical. This won’t be implemented.