SU-35's avionics!?

How good it is? Now this is a large deal because there was a former military exercise that F-16 fight SU-30. People say SU-30 would win due to thrust vectoring but ended up getting a L mainly because of the software behind both planes plus SU-27’s design can’t turn at low speeds. So if the flight computer is not updated this is going to happen again.

I’m genuinely confused as to what you are talking about. Maybe elaborate on what an SU-35 is?


The avionics of SU-35, any news that it has been updated?

Su-35 is a 4.5 gen fighter built by Russia. On paper it has good performance.

The SU-30 has old avionics, which mostly haven’t been updated. The reason for this is because in the future, if Russia destroys a specific satellite, jets like the F-22 can’t operate, since their avionics and flight systems use GPS tracking to allow them to do their job.


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