SU-27/F-16 Dogfight over Area 51


There was a topic on this forum recently about the F-117 being spotted flying around the Nellis Bombing Range, which made me remember a similar story thats been circling the aviation water coolers in the Vegas Valley.

The United States military and Intelligence communities have owned, tested and operated foreign military assets since the 1960’s, using them for developments of tactics. One photographer was lucky enough to be perched in the desert surrounding Groom Lake and caught a series a photos depicting a SU27 Flanker engaged in a dogfight against an agressor F16 Fighting Falcon. The CIA operates at least four known SU27’s, but it is uncertain if this SU27 was one of those four.

This is pretty amazing, and I think a trip up to Rachel, Nevada might be in my future. I’ll post the link below for the article so yall can take a read for yourselves.


I wonder who “won”…


No clue! I think it would have been amazing to see though


The US bought one to test out, having access to enemy aircraft is hugely advantageous and it’s one of the sneaky things the US does to keep it at the top of the game.
I quickly found an article about it to reaffirm my claims which were what I had heard on a documentary:


Its a handy asset to have. Ever since the Israeli’s gave us that Iranian MiG21 in the 60’s we’ve realized the major benefit to testing the enemies weapons


America Did that’s who #Freedom


Forgot we own a couple of these birds, it’s always nice to know your enemies playbook. 😉


I read this article a couple months ago and did research on it because it was really interesting. I read that Area 51 has had Migs based there since the 70’s. People believe that this jet was bought from Belarus in 1996. This photo is pretty cool.


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Pretty cool find! Makes you wonder what else they have stored out there


It also makes me wonder what else Russia got in store, surely the SU27 is superior to the F16 in speed at least from what we can in this dogfight.

And Russia isn’t someone who is easy to trick, they are a big player in this world and wouldn’t give their enemies juts anything, just gives me thought of what else could Russia be hiding?

It’s interesting to see both USA and Russia in the rise of military aircraft, i don’t have much knowledge about them but i’m very much intrigued to know what secret arsenal each of them has.

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Agreed. It’s fascinating how each of the countries gets a hold of the equipment. Usually through allies, not direct purchases, and the occasional recovery of downed aircraft in war zones.

Even cooler that the US military and CIA have pilots trained to fly the foreign aircraft we get a hold of


We’ve been known to take things from time to time.

I only did a quick search on YouTube for this operation and didn’t come across it, though here’s the wiki from when we secretly took/stole a Lybian hind out of Chad.

Operation Mount Hope III

Another article on it


Good finds. Both of these were preceded by operation HAVE DOUGHNUT, which itself was preceded by Operation Diamond. Pretty amazing how these things are tied together, and that we’re able to see it once files are declassified years later.

Interesting note: the US acquiring the MiG21 from the Israeli’s is what led to us selling them the F4 Phantom, which the US had been reluctant to do. Everything is connected, boys and girls.


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