Stuttering terrain!

The graphic are stuttering only when I move around on the screen my anti Alison is on I need help!


You need to turn the Anti Aliasing off. Also make sure your graphic settings are high

You could turn off the anti-aliasing to stop to shuttering.

It makes it worse when it’s off

Look how the runway looks blurry and cracky

I know, but it will reduce lag.

Have you tried to re-install the app? That could help. Another thing you could do is refresh your device

Just remember that whenever you make any changes to graphics and settings a full close and relaunch of the app is necessary;)

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I just relaunched the app let’s see what happens and by refreshing the phone what do I do?

Please provide more information.
What device are you using for example?

It’s really hard to help when there’s so little information.

I just relaunched the app having the same issue I’m using an iPhone 7 my phone storage is almost up only 2gb left and it’s like blurry as it would be when u turn off the anti lisan but it’s not as bad

2 gb is plenty for IF, IF uses RAM more than storage.

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@mo_hecht are you using jailbreak?

How do I clear up RAM and no of course not using jail break

The graphics are only blurry when I touch the screen and use my finger when I swipe around it ly also looks like the the graphics are being download as I move my finger around

On a 6s you hold the power button until the swipe to shut down shows up, then click the home button until it goes back to your home screen.
Might be different on the 7 though.

How can I see the ram dats on my phone where is it in settings

You can’t. Just clear it and you will be fine.