Stuttering in game

Hey guys, I was just looking to get some help with the stuttering I’ve been having in-game. Even when I set my graphics to the lowest settings I still experience stutters. Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi 👋🏻

Have you checked the support post below for steps to try?

In addition if you could share details on your device, OS and In-App settings such as graphics and airplane count we might be able to provide some more advice


Hey, I’m currently running the game on a two-month-old iPad 7th generation, iPadOS 13.6.1, lowest graphics for everything and the airplane count is at medium to high depending on whether I’m controlling.

It’s a brand new device pretty much and IF is the only game that I have on it.

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I remember some iPads having issues with iOS 13 but that was a while back and not using one for flying myself hopefully someone else can shed some light

In the meantime I would suggest checking those pages and trying some of the tips particularly restarting the iPad before each flight, limiting the frame rate, checking your are on a strong network connection and checking its not in low power mode and maybe reporting back on steps you’ve taken/tried?

Ok thanks for your help. I’ve been restarting the iPad since my original message and that seems to have worked out to an extent. 😁


I would also recommend you to have a look at the section of the user guide below as some of the information might be helpful:

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I’ll take a look, thanks mate 🙂


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