Stuttering badly

<I have been started playing on 30 fps checked but it doesnt feel like 30 it feels like 9 or 10 fps it stutters badly and lags a lot it shows 30fps on the screen but i think it give like 9 to 10 fps>

Device:iphone 11
Operating system:iOS 15.3

How many storage left on your device?

Please continue here you have been made topic like this no need to make a new one

Hi there, its sad to hear you are having a possible issue.

Can you help us help you by giving some extra information:

  • What are the graphics settings you are using ?
  • do you have the performance matrix selected in settings to show FPS during your flights
  • are you charging your device while flying ??
  • do you have low power mode selected ??

Please continue in your existing support topic for the same issue. lag in iphone