Stunts Photo Competition IF - Judges Appreciated

Hi everyone this competitions is for anyone, feel free to join I’d highly recommend joining because I believe you can show your great photography, stunt and editing skills for this. It doesn’t matter if you don’t get many votes, come, post and have a great try. Give it 110% is my advice.

Remember: There are certain rules behind it!


  • You are not allowed to steal someone else’s photo and claim its urs

  • Do not steal and edit someone else’s work and post it as your own

  • All photos must be from replay and must be your photo

  • You are Allowed to Edit your photo

  • You are not allowed to perform stunt photos in Training or Expert Server as there are strict rules

  • No unkind or hateful comments

  • You can only submit 2 photo maximum

  • You can change your submission 2 times


Judge 1 - @SahyaQFFlyer
Judge 2 - @Zabloo
Judge 3 - Vacant

If you want to put your name down for being a judge, please PM me.

Last entry ends 20th FEB Sydney, and for those a day behind last entry is 19th FEB.

Voting opens 19th FEB for people a day behind Aus and the Rest 20th FEB

Voting ends 22nd FEB Aus and those a day behind 21st FEB.

Results are released 23rd and 22nd for US and countries 1 day behind Aus

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One wheel landing at YSSY - Stunt

Moonshot - scenery

My Entries

Language please. Fix it or it will get flagged. Thanks! :)

EDIT: Thanks for keeping the IFC a safe place! :D

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@Claudio this competition is different, this is stunts and scenery only and @Qantas094 competition has pretty much ended the competition apart from votes

I’m sure the moderators don’t want another competition, the one I’m hosting is free for anyone to submit their pictures that being a takeoff, landing, wing shot, Moon shot, stunt, you name it, it’s open to everyone and their abilities. Having another one that’s very similar may confuse people into which competition is what.

Ok I agree but how can I make a special stunt or scenery competition?

They don’t require skill, anyone can come @Qantas094

Once you reach Trust Level 2 (Member) make an event for people to attend in the #live:events category, currently you’re at the Trust Level to host a group flight which you can do in the #live:groupflights category, or simply Message people asking if they want to have a competition.


Yes but how can I make my post get more people viewing it?
Is there a way? @Qantas094

And this is just a stunt photo competition

Not really…people come and go as they want.


Ok then thank you so much! @Claudio

It’s a good hearted post. But honestly, I don’t think it’s put together well. This competition and the last one that @Qantas094 hosted have a lot of improvements to make.

I love the idea of photo competitions and just other competitions in general! But you need to REALLY take your time, probably multiple hours begin the planning, arrange the reconnaissance, make the reconnaissance, complete the plan, issue the order, and then supervise. BAMCIS.

It may also be helpful to add multiple people to the editing team for the process.


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