Stunning Virtual Photography - Taken To The Next Level


Over the past weeks, I’ve been taking shots from a bunch of flight that I was doing. I’ve compiled my 10 best/favorite shots that I’ve taken. Today is also the anniversary of the day I joined the IFC, so I thought I’d make this my way of saying thank you to the community for letting me have such an amazing time here. If you want more of these let me know, I have many more shots!

All Shots Where Taken On The Expert Server
Times And Locations Vary

Edited With Lightroom And Photoshop


AC-130 | YSRI - YSWG

Lufthansa A380-800 | EDDF - WSSS

QantasLink A230-200 And United A350-900 At YSSY

Qantas Link Dash 8 Q400 | YMHL - YPPH

United A350-900 Blasting Out Of KIAH; Headed For YSSY

KLM A350-900 ~ YMML - EHAM | Qantas 737-800 ~ YPPH - YMML

Qantas A320-200 & 787-9 | YSSY

Air New Zealand 787-9 | NZWN - KLAX
Emirates A380-800 | NZWN - OMDB
Jetstar 787-8 | NZWN - WADD
Qantas 787-9 | VHHH - NZWN

Qantas 747-400 | KSFO - YMML
Qantas 787-9 | YMML - EGLL

A Virgin Australia 777-300ER And Emirates A380-800 Doing A Parallel Approach Into YSSY

Thank You For Taking Time To Look At These Shots

Have A Great Day!


Wow great shots throughout the week. Keep It Up

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@ThomasThePro Thank You!

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Love the lens flare on the New Zealand 787!

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Thank You!

Hmmmm… has anyone spotted the gear tilt yet ;)

Wait!!! Hold the tele. How did you do that??

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I hacked IF

Jk I used photoshop, spent at least 7 hours on that pic

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Jeez man. Okay. Good job.

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Wow, that’s totally not worth it mate!


Probably wasn’t lol
The thing about me is that I love editing, and once I start, I just get sucked into it until it’s perfect.


Great job though!

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Nice photos! Though next time I suggest you move the watermarks somewhere to a less-noteable space as they kinda ruined the shots.

Keep it up!


Why is the A320 perpendicular to the runway with its nose gear on the grass.

This is a stunning edit!

In general - amazing job! Keep it up.

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Awesome pictures! I am having a huge problem getting high res screenshots in IF. Even with all graphics set to high and screenshot res set to 4x i get pretty bad screenshots.

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Thank You! I tried to set the watermarks as an overlay so they’re less visible. Didn’t rly work though

The A320 is on approach to another runway that you can’t see on this pic, not on the ground.

Thank You!

Thank You! That’s weird, you’re using the screenshot feature, right?

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These are incredible! Some of (if not the) best edits I’ve ever seen! I love the gear tilt one. Keep it up!


Thank You So Much!

Like the 777 geartilt?

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It’s super realistic! One of the best gear tilt edits I’ve seen! Hoping for that to be a common sight in the future (with the 777 rework)

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Ohhhh right…that makes sense now…

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Yes i am. Still there is this problem

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