Stunning view near Singapore! Singapore Airlines A350-900

Stunning view of Singapore & this picture was taken right on Infinite flight’s 10th birthday and was a flight from John F. Kennedy to Singapore KJFK-WSSS


Hello there!
Great Photo, But however, this belongs in the #screenshots-and-videos topic.

If you re-categorize the topic, you must:

  • Add Information about the flight, like Route, Flight Time And Plane.
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Wow, that looks so cool!

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Thanks I forgot to put it in the screenshots and photos sections 😅

remember to do this as well.

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I switched the topic category to #screenshots-and-videos. Just be sure to follow the rules that were given by @FlyIf_0011IFPA above

Awesome photo!

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Thanks! Yeah I forgot to Change it to that 😅

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