Stunning Swiss and Portuguese scenery.


I’ve got some amazing shots from Switzerland! I flew from Geneva to Jerez (LSGG - LEJR). Enjoy!

At last, I came to Geneva airport. The sun was shining - perfect weather for exploring the Alps with a Citation X.

I started flying towards a sight that I have dreamed about - Aletsch glacier, but there’s still a couple of minutes until that.

Finally. I have reached the Aletsch glacier. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Now off to Portugal! Here are some shots that I took on my way of the valleys.

Now I’m at the southwest of Europe, near the swirling, emerald-coloured waters of Portugal.

And finally, landed at Jerez airport.

Thank You for reading and hope You enjoyed!


WOW! these are amazing, keep it up

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These are fantastic!!


These are awesome!


Really good pictures! I’m a bit confused about your flight path though! You said you passed through Portugal but you landed in Jerez, Spain. Did you go all the way to border and then turned east to Jerez?

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Ah, well, all my flight paths have a tendency to wiggly-wobble around a continent. I started in Switzerland, did a loop around Italy, went to the north of Spain, through France of course, then went along the ridge anti-clockwise (Imagine Spain and Portugal as a clock XD). So from the north of Spain, to the Northwest of Portugal, went south along the coastline. At the southwest point I took the second to last screenshot, then turned eastward, once again travelling along the southern part of the coastline and landed in Jerez.

Edit: forgot to add, that the flight was five hours and fourteen minutes!


That must have been fun!

Could you please tell me where the second (counting from the end) screenshot was taken? I can’t figure out where it was and it’s bothering me not knowing where it was taken!

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Great shots!

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Right, from the replays I’ve worked out that that shot was taken just as I went past Montijo airbase (LPMT). The actual scenery is from the city/region of Setubal.

Here’s a google maps link to the general area:

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I’m gonna do another one today, open for suggestions.

No need to make it an essay with waypoints, I can work all that out myself, however would be nice what countries/group of countries should I visit and some general information. I am very flexible with time, so basically anything under 10 hours is good for me.

Thank You!

Im definitely going to be flying there with the xcub!


Alright, I chose Alaska, I am currently flying there, nearby PAKL airport as of the time of writing. If You want, come join me in casual. I am going to be posting pictures tomorrow!

For the people who are tracking this thread and are/were looking forward to my Alaskan trip: Alaskan Glory

Awesome… Aletsch Glacier is next to my Winter Hometown🥰 awesome in IF, even better in real life❤️

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Jaw dropping. Never seen better😍

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Beautiful photos and keep it up! 😍

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