Stunning sunset flight at Dubai

Morning infinite people! So I am posting this in the proper forum I hope! So in doing my daily routine of proficiency rounds to get my landings and hours up, I caught these stunning shots on the new iPad, unreal picture quality!! So I’m still on training server, and in this flight I remained in the pattern, keeping my altitude that and below 5k, speed no greater than 240kts in the pattern. Interesting tidbit on this flight, I was able to create a flight plan that took me through ascension, cruise, and decent into the airfield, assigning altitudes at each waypoint. I had to maintain control of flaps and speed but all in all it worked! So. Here are a few shots of my flight today, enjoy!

Training server
2030z time
Abu Dubai Intl. OMAA
RNWY 31L Right traffic…

So this is Bob, my first officer….doesn’t say much, but keckuva pilot!! Love ya Bob, mean it!

I mean…… first pass and I gt this!! 😮🤯

At this point I was in pure flight sim heaven!! No doubt this was a memorable flight!

And what good is a tall tale without a happy ending! What a stunning flight! I had fun with this bird…KC10 is way up on my list of really fun planes to fly!!
I hope y’all enjoyed this as much as I did creating it!
Cheers all!

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Hey there!

I love the photos, but as mentioned by Ethan, you must follow the guidelines of the categories.

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I fixed it… sry