Stunning Ramp Spotting @RCTP

It’s crazy that how it feels when you step on the ramp or runway. Plane is such a great invention!

When two queens meet…

My favourite.


Nice LEAP 1A start up.

We’ve got 30 minutes to step on the runway, time flies!

Back to the observation deck.

Thanks for watching.


Nice shots! This one is my favorite.

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Fun fact, the A330 in the photo was supposed to do a training flight at the morning, but there was some problems from the APU so the flight delayed for a few hours

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Hey Man U already know who it is it’s your boy liingliing but you know China Airlines is the best one because I am making something about them 😉

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that’s amazing. How did you get ramp access btw?

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Great pics!

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My college department got the access to visit inside of the airport, luckily the ramp was included 😁

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dang bro enjoy haha

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Thank you! 😁

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