Stunning Queenstown to Busy Auckland

Hello IFC!

A week ago I did a flight from the tourist hotspot of Queenstown to New Zealand’s biggest city of Auckland. The departure out of Queenstown airport is absolutely stunning, and this occasion was no different. It is always a nice approach into Auckland, and the final over Manukau is very nice. I hope you like my pictures!

Route: Queenstown 🇳🇿 - Auckland 🇳🇿
Aircraft: Air New Zealand A320
FT: 1:20
Server: Expert

Sitting at the gate in Queenstown with the incredible Remarkable mountains

Holding short ready for back taxi in the late afternoon sun

Rotatè time

Executing one of the many departures out of the airspace (I can’t remember exactly which one 😂)

The spine of the South Island, the Southern Alps

The north of the south

Entering downwind of runway 27 at Auckland


Buttery/Greasy landing at Auckland as a 777 approaches

Parked at the domestic terminal as the sun sets in Auckland

Thank you for viewing, I used Mix and Lens Distortions to edit this pics, I would recommend checking them out :)

Finally before I end, I would like give my condolences if you or someone you know have been effected by the devastating Australian wildfires, all of us across the pond are thinking of you and hope are safe in these troublesome times


Majestic! 🤯

Those mountains tho

nice shots 👍

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Thank you 😁

Wowww!!! I’ll have to do more NZ flights now. Awesome pictures!

But, (just a heads up), I think one didn’t upload correctly 🤔

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I would definitely recommend! Which one didn’t? From what I can see all of them uploaded 😂

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Your last image didn’t upload correctly :(

I love the mountain views

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Thank you! @Altaria55 @anon38496261 it should be fixed now :)

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Now that it’s uploaded, it’s amazing 🤩

Thank you 😁

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