Stunning Light Edits

So today, I had a bright idea. “Hey! Let’s take the suggestion of taxi lights and tail lights, and make it a reality! Now before you start saying “Hey! Put it in suggestions!” Let me explain. IF hasn’t allowed me to be trust level 2, and I thought screenshots would be a good section to show the edits in.
How did I do it?
Simple. Take 2 screenshots. One in the daytime, and one in the night. Over lay the image and erase the nighttime parts, while they are overlayed.

Cockpit with more realistic lighting and taxi lights visible from cockpit.

Taxilights activates.

More to come! Including
More taxi-lights
Wing inspection lights
More cockpit view
Landing lights in fog
And more!
Let me know what you think of them.


If I try to do the same thing you did, it would look terrible, believe me 😂

You did a great job. I guess the saying goes, you can never rush perfection :)

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Yeah took patience and time. And I’m not a patient person so there was a lot of anger put into this😂😂😂


I can imagine

I’m sorry what?

Those pictures look great.

Thanks man!

lol, i meant I can imagine. I sometimes take some words right off my dictionary

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Oh lol yeah😂

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Very cool! Make sure that you don’t have any UI showing in any of the photos for the future. Your second photo includes the live replay bar. 😁😉

Aaahhh! Forgot to crop. Thanks!

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Nice Photos 👍🏽

This is great! Was gonna do the same thing, but now I’m just gonna slouch back with my can o’ popcorns - waiting for your next ones! :D Great job mate.

I’m posting some more in just a minute. There even better!

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I Posted them!.

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It would be sure pleasure to have lights like these (Commander Airlines has everything that IF doesn’t, but it’s simply a game) (landing lights, rain, rain drops on windshield, shaky cockpit, snow, thunder, clouds, illuminated towns by night, 3D buildings, 3D trees)