Stunning Light Edits Part 2

Now if you haven’t seen my last edits, make sure you go check those out, but I promise you these will be better. Will a little more work and fine tuning and zooming in, I present to you, the new and improved light pictures!! Sadly, I didn’t put taxi lights, BUT! I did put landing lights for final!

Crj1000 on short final

Boeing 787-900 on final with some cockpit lighting

Wing inspection lights? (Not my best)

Boeing 737 on short final with short visibility

Let me know what you think!


Hey there! 👋

You did a great job with the lights editing. Awesome!

Don’t forget about the rules in this category. It appears that you have made 2 topics today. Just put all your pictures in one.

The wing inspection lights photo is great! Keep it up!

I’m sorry. Won’t happen again

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Thank you!

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No problem, just out of interest, do you do requests.

YES YES YES again and again.

I can if you want. What’s your request?

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Nice, I will think about it. You would be doing we a massive favour.

PM me if you have a request!

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Wilco, once again thanks.

Yeah no probs!

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How did you edit that? What program?

I used something called PicsArt. I said how I did it on my last post. Tomorrow I will be uploading a video on how to do it.

on mobile?

Yes. 1000%

These photos are awesome. Wish this type of lighting was in the game

Yeah! It would truly make the game amazing.

Is that IF? Those screenshots are beutifull. I especially like the cockpit views (picture 1 & 2)

Yeah I know right. When I first looked at the picture, I thought it was from X-Plane or something