Stunning Chilean Scenery

One continent/area I have always wanted to go flying around and do a flight in was the Eastern part of South America (where Peru, Chile is), so I could see the scenery. I had the chance to do it yesterday with IFATC running between SPJC, SCEL and a few other airports. The scenery was absolutely magnificent when I was descending toward Chile. So here are pictures

Aircraft and Route Details

Aircraft: B789 (787-9)
Airline: LATAM (Or operating as LATAM Perú)
Callsign: LAN Perú 2365
Flight Time: 2h 55min
Server: Expert

Firstly before the Chilean scenery, we begin with a moonshot and it’s because I love them (if you didn’t know already)

Banking over the Andes mountains!!!

another picture en la Andes!

picture with Cordillera de Ansilta!! (On the Ivor and I think this picture too saturated)

Final Picture, with photoshop contrail (I think a bit too close to engines idk), with Cerro Mercedario!!! (left)


Great pic, thanks for sharing!

No, that’s fine. Probably the altitude is a tad too low for them though, but still nicely done!


awesome pictures! How did you add those contrails? Is it a png picture?

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yeah maybe too low I guess

@anon24319801 Thank yes much very!!!
I use adobe photoshop for contrail using the stock images, reccommend you use that app for photoshopping!!

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