Study guide for IFATC

Lol I don’t really know how to say this in a better way but does anyone have like some sort of study guide for IFATC test because I need it for the questions or test that IFATC recruiters will give me when I recruit


Watch the youtube videos and take notes that helps a ton! Good luck my friend!

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Have a look through this playlist of Youtube Videos found here:


There is no “study guide” as such for IFATC. Becoming a member of IFATC relies on you being able to learn and pick up information from the sources you have available. #tutorials is a great place to look, as well as the YouTube tutorial videos made by Tyler that can be found here.

If you need further help with the practical side of things, the IFATC training team can help you, where official IFATC trainers such as myself can help you gain the skills you need to help you pass the IFATC tests. A link to that thread can be found here. (Note that this is currently on hold due to a backlog in demand).

Good Luck in your endeavour in becoming IFATC!

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This tutorial is for approach. New controllers are tested on tower and ground.

Even though it is a little old, this is a great tutorial for the practical.


I thought it was a link to the full playlist of ATC tutorials. My bad!


Ah ok thanks guys!

Thank you my good sir!

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