Student Pilot Loses Control of Taildragger After Crosswind Landing

Now I know this video is titled “Student Pilot” but if that is actually a certified instructor, then he should be stripped of any qualifications. I really don’t think it is. But either way, the approach was horrible, the plane was never stable, the pilot wasn’t controlling his airspeed correctly, nor was he compensating for the winds (which don’t look all that strong really) and last but not least, he was drifting from side to side on short final - and when you’re flying taildragger, all that equals 2 words “Going around”

But hey…lets ignore all that and risk our lives and land anyway. Emergency services are ready on their 1 Moped. 😂

I’d like to hear @Maxmustang 's thoughts on this

Language warning


Why is his face all red?

Me when I try to fly the Super Decathlon.


Just the lighting id say.

I can never land taildraggers.

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Why would you not abort that approach, that made my butt pucker watching him come down.


Never underestimate the wind. It may look calm but some gust will just blow you away like a leaf… The wind gradient seemed quite strong to me.

He forgot to put ailerons into the wind during the rollout. That was the mistake that caused him to loose control.


When a pilot doesn’t want to switch to ground frequency…

Interesting video xD

MaxSez: remarkable recovery from an unstable approach to a ground loop after touch down, reminds me of just anther crosswind day on The Kiddey Server LOL! Watch the 6 pack on this unstable approach, particularly the airspeed indicator, way out of the green, nursing it, mushing, ya gotta maintain fwd energy! Hold that Wing down to windward all the way, use the rudder (coordinated stick and rudder always). Don’t recognize the dash/windscreen config so can’t ID the bird, don’t think it’s a Taildragger, (side by side controls, ground height, sits square etc. what A/C?). No Audio, would have liked to hear expletive dialog. This was a go around for sure! What Say You @Eric_Jordy?


There is sound there @Maxmustang just very low. If you crank up the volume (or even better, attach a speaker) listen and watch carefully and I believe it tells the tale.
1 - Plane makes unstable approach in cross winds
2 - His touch down is poor. He is neither wheeling (with a good check forward to hold the aircraft on the mains) or 3 pointing, he is caught half way between and ends up in a tail oscillation.
3 - The plane bounces due to the poor landing, the starboard wing goes up as the aircraft enters a ground loop. Presumably the wind is also now getting under the starboard wing exacerbating the issue. At this point the student goes full throttle
4 - Nose raises slightly and left wing bounces off the ground due to looping
5 - Its at this point the instructor cuts the power in order to help the situation come to an end. The nose and gear come down and the aircraft spins to a stop.

Really…never should have happened. Unless they were that low on fuel, that another go around wasn’t possible, the instructor should have made him go around until his approach was stable.
A good instructor (IMO) will tell a student that if you don’t feel right about the landing, in anyway, go around.


Thanks @anon31652286 . That song with undoubtedly be playing in my head every time I do a go around now 😂

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That’s me landing in crosswind in IF

That was the first I got taught by my instructor. Even before I was allowed to take control during the approach…


Oh dear… 😬

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