Student pilot in callsign

I think it would be a good idea to add “student pilot” at the end of callsign of grade 1 and 2 players. Because it simulates real life that these pilots might be new to IF and needs more practice or haven’t played for a long time and are rusty. So people would know that they would probably mess up in TS and controllers would know that they need more instruction compare to regular players.

I agree that new pilots are certainly rookie pilots. But I may misunderstand, we can already tell if a pilot is a new/rookie/student pilot by their grade level. If they are Grade 1 or 2 they are almost always a new pilot and we must make sure to help direct them to tutorials.


I agree with what you said, but in congested areas such ad LA class B, controllers probably would not have enough time to check every single pilots’ grade, so I think we could use it as visual assists.

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Honestly how many people would use it? I get what you are trying to say but some people might know how to fly when they download the app. Also, don’t new users (grade 1 or 2) get violations if they busy certain airspace?

I know they had that awhile ago but could be wrong


Airspace violation is probably gone now after global. I honestly don’t know how many people would use it.


Vote for your own request, and I think that a little emoji type thing would be better than text, but would this really help ATC? I feel it would be more for pilots to keep a larger distance in case they do something wrong.

That’s true but the controller is likely a rookie themselves because this is training server, student pilots wouldn’t be on expert

In my opinion grade has no bearing on a pilots skill level. It simply tells how active they have been. Grade 5 is worthy of praise but I’ve seen grade 2 pilots flying just fine where grade 5 can’t intercept the ILS. On the flip side I would think some pilots would he offended if they were experienced but labeled a student pilot. Some pilots simply cannot fly as often as others.

From a controller standpoint grade shouldn’t change the level of service one gives.


I was concerned people may be offended, but I think you can get from grade 1 to grade 3 in 10 days so I put it down. But since you found grade 5 player can’t intercept ILS then I guess you are probably right.

I agree with Chris_S. The grade system is sim specific. Everyone starts at grade 1, even if you are a real world pilot with thousands of hours of heavy transport time.

Regardless of grade, everyone should seek to improve their skills in the simulator.

A good pilot is always learning,
Rob O