Stuck with approach

I can’t change the frequency, tower is asking my intention but i can’t answer, BUT i can communicate with approach, what should i do?

I’m not entirely sure what you mean I think I have an idea, u may be appearing unknown have u left the app at all during this flight? And to change frequency u need to hit the arrow then hit tune out of frequency

I already did the arrow button, but when i try to contact tower on tower frequency, departure is still contacting me, but it seems like tower can’t see my request so the tower is asking my intention although i already make request.

It is most likely bc your are unknown have you left the app at any time during your flight. Also what server

Training server and I’m not leaving the app

Typical TS. If you’re taking off stick with tower if you’re airborne stick with departure

It’s also training server so there might be trolls asking for your intentions even though you sent it. After you land can you try a short flight on expert and see if the ATC can reply, thanks!


Matthew put it well it’s probably training server behavior if u didn’t leave the app. let us know if this occurs Again on expert server or at a different location on training server. Hopefully the support helped you

Happy flying Justin

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Dude im so sorry, I meant approach not departure.

It’s all good, just try doing a flight on expert and report back if the same thing happens. Just ensure that you have a strong internet connection as it helps a lot :)

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