Stuck screen

When I was approaching in LFPO I was 500ft above the RWY and than suddenly the screen was stuck. I didn’t see where I’m going and than I saw for 1 second that I’m on ground an everything is OK. But my approach was perfect and my landing was poor… Sometimes it’s happening to me, the picture is slow but never stuck.

Please give us more detailes:

Device type (iPhone X)

Operating System (iOS 11.4.1)

Is IF updated? (Yes or no)

The things in brackets are examples.

Device type: Teclast p10
System: android 7
If updated

This could possibly be a connection issue. Maybe restarting your router, or moving closer to it. (If you are on WiFi.)

Thanks for the info!

Try testing it again, get on approach and see if it continues, it could be a one time thing, but this time, restart the app.

Now didn’t happened to me, can I prevent the next time by lower the grafichs?

I guess, but theirs no need if it runs fine, it shouldn’t be an issue, I’m guessing that this was a one time thing.

This is happened to me before. It always does this when my device is to hot, to many aircraft, or the graphics. This usually occurs when you are doing a long flight and your brightness is up to much and/or to many aircraft for your device to download.

I solved this issue by-
Restarting my device, low graphics, low airplane count, lower brightness, turn off battery save mode, strong WiFi connection

Hmm, what your ping for the internet?

But I wasnt able to restart the device while landing…

I ment before you take off. Just restart your device before your flight. It should make sure the issue does not happen during the flight. Also don’t have any background apps running as well

OK… Thanks for it man

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