Stuck on Melbourne Departure

I’m on the expert server with Melbourne departure who seems to have gone afk meaning he cant accept my request to switch, I am approaching Sydney at this point, what should I do?

How busy was the frequency?

its not busy at all right now, nobody is talking

Uh I don’t think it’s active. The controller probably left but now you’re left on an empty frequency.

ok then but it still shows as if it’s active, there is no indication that it is inactive

Then either your connection was bad or you can just PM the controller who was on duty at the time.

If you are approaching Sydney, just tune into approach or Unicom. You are way out of Melbourne’s airspace to be able to contact them anyway.

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I’m not quite sure if this is accurate but it shows here nobody is on YMML departure
Do what @BigBert10 said as that would just make a quick solve to the problem.

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ok I just worried about getting ghosted for switching

Don’t worry about the ghosts if the controller is active he’ll just simply tell you to return to the frequency. :)

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If you do get ghosted I guess just PM the controller about the situation. I don’t think that an active controller would ghost someone 500+ miles away.

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just got clearance to land from sydney tower so I think it’s all good now


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Melbourne Departure is also stuck on me too. They are refusing to speak to me or anyone on the frequency.

Update: As I was typing this MEL Departure closed!

The controller might have had connection issues or the sim possibly froze and showed him to still be online…

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