Stuck on map

Flying from LHR to IAD, goes onto the map to do my approach planning, I accidentally click on the “toggle map” button, and know I’m stuck on this page, not sure how to get out of it, and back to the map.
I can go from the map to cockpit view i.e. but when I click on the map icon, I get right back to the page in the photo.
Help would be greatly appreciated!
See the picture
iPad Air 2
iOS 12.0
Latest Infinite Flight version

Is there a button on the bottom right? If so, hold it and push down

No button, which seems very weird to me

You should see able to see a button on the bottom right as you can see in this picture

Yes, I know - as you can see on the attached photo, there simply isn’t that button.

Emil, why did you break the app?

Tried tapping the area where the button is supposed to be?


I’m afraid I managed break it yep.
Tapping, holding and swiping on and around the area - nothing worked

Sorry but i think this is one of those cases you can’t fix while flying…

Copy that, I’ll do a visual approach and then restart the app. Thanks Seb!

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You can use your mini map and zoom out for the time being


Yup, just noticed that, Thanks!

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