Stuck on Loading Screen

I have been trying to start a flight in IF and some airports will load me in and some airports won’t. I have restarted IF and my device, I am up to date on all updates and still having the same issue.

Give the good ol’ delete and reinstall a try. :)

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I just did that

Still same issue

The Global Server is currently having issues. Perhaps that is the cause.

See this post by Philippe.


Yep. Monitoring this as I write this. Been noticing it take about 1-1/2 mins to load in. Just give it a little time. Have a feeling that some server may be acting up.


Ok thank you

I thought I was the only one, the same thing happens to me.

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Been on the loading screen for 5 minutes so far and nothing. Just gonna wait it out. Usually it’s fixed within 24 hrs.

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Ya agreed. I’ve been on the loading screen for 25 mins and still nothing. I’ll see how it is in the morning

Biiiig RIP

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