Stuck on loading screen

Why I stuck in loading screen, I’m waiting for 15 minutes

Can you please provide more information?

What device are you on?
Wifi or cellular?
Are you using a VPN by chance?

Have you rebooted your device?
Does it happen on Solo mode?

Happening to me too Chris.

iPad pro
Started about 40’ ago
Have rebooted iPad
Problem remains on Solo mode

  • Log out of IF (dont just close it)
  • Reboot
  • Log in again
  • Try to fly online

See if that helps.

No go I’m afraid Chris!

What device are you running?

iPad pro. Not had any probs before

You tried everything Chris said? If that didn’t work, maybe uninstall and reinstall.

Yeah I did. Uninstall might have to be the thing. Thanks.

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Uninstall worked. Thanks both.

Glad it helped.

@Kevin_Rumengan can you try?