Stuck On Loading Screen

Hi , i paid for monthly 9.99 $ few weeks ago , i cant play the game , solo and online both not working , hold on loading. My device is an iPhone 7

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Have you tried a restart? Is Your WiFi connection good?

Hi there,

Can you ensure that you have updated your operating system to iOS 11.2. Also, make sure you have the latest update for Infinite Flight installed. You can delete the app and reinstall after you update your OS.



We’ve reviewed crash reports and found a possible cause for the startup issue some users are having.

The simplest workaround is to update your device to iOS 11.2. Even if you think you already have it, make sure you check Settings/General to find out if you have a pending update.

We have submitted a hotfix to apple to fix this crash as well as the pushback issue on the DC-10.

Yes i had restarted , and the final version today release installed , but game not working . I read the support pages and do all of things , but not working .
Is there any possiblity that my account has been blocked ?

Can you please provide whether of not you have iOS11.2 installed?


Yes i install 11.2 ios now , deleting the app installing again , but not working yet , loading …