Stuck on loading screen (error code 8)

Need help on the error I experience where my app is stuck on loading screen. I’ve tried to reset my network settings, rebooted the app, reinstalled the app etc. seems that the only solution is by connecting my ipad to a hotspot (and not to a wifi). How can I make the app work on wifi? Thanks

Device: ipad pro 11 inch 3rd gen
OS: 14.6
App version: 23.2.1

Thanks. Looking forward to your help

If a hotspot is the only way Infinite Flight works, try rebooting your Wi-Fi router. That might do the trick.

Also what specific loading screen are you stuck on?

Will try this, thanks. I’m stuck on the loading screen and then eventually getting an error code 8 after some time

Hey there, this would usually indicate some sort of error within the internet connection itself. Have you had any trouble browsing the internet or doing anything else online?

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