Stuck on end flight screen

Today I was just finishing a flight from KSFO to CYVR and when I tried to end the flight it was stuck on this screen.

How can I prevent this from happening?

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Did you click yes??


I did. That is when it got stuck.

So it’s frozen?

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Honestly man I don’t know what to do. Besides maybe restart the app but doing that you run the risk of losing what you just gained.

Yes, I believe so.

Does it happen on all flights? If not it was probably a fluke and can work around it. You stats should be saved up to that point.

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It does not happen on all flights.

Seems to be a one-time bug. If you hard exit the app your replay and flight time should be saved

What is a hard exit?

As you are on ipad, you double press the home button and swipe up IF app

I will try that next time.

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