Stuck on casual server with no xp and no grade

I have 24.4 gb of storage on my phone and no apps running in the background

Okay that’s good to know as well. I recommend you go to your Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage -> click on Infinite Flight and delete it. Restart your device and reinstall Infinite Flight.

It still didn’t work

Are you having trouble with any other apps?

No i am not. Only this one

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Have you tried updating your operating system? I would double check and see if there is an update for your phone.

I had this problem. For some bug it doesn’t update. No need to uninstall and reinstall simply log out and log in the app it’ll update.

@niks.goen I’m pretty certain I’ve said the same things several times “sign out of Infinite Flight”

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when i go to the top right, my game crashes. I cant sign out


We have seen some cases in the past where a simple Operating System update resolved issues like this.

Alright ill check to see if that’s the problem

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This is the latest just for reference

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If you are on the latest operating system then this has vexed me. I’ve been reading what Chris has suggested and can’t think of anything else.

We’ll keep reading what Chris is posting as he is the one solving the issue, not you 😉

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Yeah. Even updating my software didn’t work.

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Is your device rooted, jailbroken or modified in any way? If not your last resort would be to back up your phone to iCloud and restore it to factory settings.

Just to clarify: you need a Pro Subscription to access the online servers, there is no option to be ATC on the Casual Server and as for internet you would need that for Solo to stream the scenery.

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As others have said, make sure you are on iOS 11.3.1.

Just to shed some light on the importance of this, iOS 11.3 released with HUGE crashing issues, which is why 11.3.1 released so quickly afterwards. 11.3.1 also released with issues on certain devices (mine was one of them), this time regarding both wifi and cellular connectivity, which may also be a root of your problem. To solve that issue, follow the steps below:

  1. Backup your iPhone to iTunes
  2. Restore your iPhone using iTunes
  3. During setup, make sure you “Set Up As A New iPhone”
  4. Once setup is complete, download ONLY Infinite Flight, and try to reproduce the issue.
  5. If your issue is not resolved, let us know. If this solves the issue, you may attempt to restore your backup from iTunes.

Please note that if the issue returns after restoring your backup, you’ll have to repeat the steps above and not restore your backup. Unfortunately this would indicate that the bug was backed up with your backup, making that backup unusable.

No my phone is not jail broken or anything