Stuck on casual server with no xp and no grade

When i start my game up it works fine. But i can only play on the casual server. After i end my flight and looking at the report it says xp earned 19 (or some other small number) and The XP is blank. I also cannot see my grade and when i tap it to see what my grade is, the game crashes. Also in the pause menu and online menu it says (offline) after my name. When i tap that the game also crashes. I also cannot play as atc at all. Please help.

Hi there! We need more information such as your device info and operating system.

Many of these issues can be fixed by simply rebooting your device, relaunching Infinite Flight and signing in with the correct credentials.

Do you have an active Pro Subscription and a stable internet connection?

Good to know. Now shut down your device. Reset your router and wait for the WiFi connection to restore. Relaunch Infinite Flight and try again.

The iPhone 7 is more than capable of handling Infinite Flight but make sure you close all background apps, have adequate storage available and refrain from backing out of the app once you launch it.

I have an iphone 7 with stable connection. None of these issues have been fixed by clearing cache, re installing if, or restarting my device. I have a pro membership as i can play on the casual server but only the casual server.

You are limited to the casual server based on your stats including hours, XP, landings and violations. Your other issue with the app crashing needs to be resolved. Sign out (logout) of Infinite Flight then after resetting your router and rebooting your device sign back in and you should be fine.

I cant get to the sign out button because when i click on my name, the game crashes immediately.

Make sure no other apps are open and make sure you have some storage available.

If you have used up your storage and you have too many apps open then you will have issues launching Infinite Flight.

I have 24.4 gb of storage on my phone and no apps running in the background

Okay that’s good to know as well. I recommend you go to your Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage -> click on Infinite Flight and delete it. Restart your device and reinstall Infinite Flight.

It still didn’t work

Are you having trouble with any other apps?

No i am not. Only this one

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Have you tried updating your operating system? I would double check and see if there is an update for your phone.

I had this problem. For some bug it doesn’t update. No need to uninstall and reinstall simply log out and log in the app it’ll update.

@niks.goen I’m pretty certain I’ve said the same things several times “sign out of Infinite Flight”

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when i go to the top right, my game crashes. I cant sign out


We have seen some cases in the past where a simple Operating System update resolved issues like this.

Alright ill check to see if that’s the problem

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This is the latest just for reference

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If you are on the latest operating system then this has vexed me. I’ve been reading what Chris has suggested and can’t think of anything else.