Stuck mid-air at 0KTS glitch

NOTE:This glitch only works on mobile phones.
Best glitch ever!!!
To do:
Install the application “Infinite Flight”
Open the application
Select “fly solo”
Go to region and buy/select “London”
Go to aircraft and buy/select “A330”
Spawn on Raf Lyenham RWY 24
Retract gear after plane falls through the map
Pull up on the controls
Enjoy this weird glitch.

My photos:
Feel free to post your own photos of this glitch

NOTE:This glitch only works on mobile phones

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lol Im going to try that!

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Never heared of it…

Looking to try it soon!


Nice find! I just tested it.

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They removed the airport but forgot to remove the spawns

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I know :-)

It works on my iPad 5.

If you don’t use the A330, you are able to do something cool still. You can actually fly outside of the map

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