Stuck logging in

When I go into the game, it says that I am not logged in. So I put in my password for google, and it gets stuck on this screen:



How long have you been experiencing this? We seem to have intermittent issues with some parts of the connectivity, but in most of the cases it have cleared up after 10-15minutes.


I am having this problem too! Its been maybe 30 minutes for me. [EDIT] Just got this message when logging in

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Yes me too it doesn’t works but they fixing it :P

We’re looking at it. Thank you for your patience!


Okay, so i’m not the only one.

I just had the problem myself.

I will edit this post if I did manage to get logged in.

Same problem… :(

Same, having the same problem, the devs are probably working on it :)

I just really hate glitches like this. 💩

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Ok i could log in now.

It’s like @schyllberg said. Just wait a couple of minutes.

I think its fixed now, im in and flying

Nope, not fixed. Still can’t log in.

I just tried also, won’t login or show me active servers.

Theres gotta be something causing an issue serverside because we had issues yesterday too.

Having the same issue also

Yep, I have the same issue.

I have the same Problem

I had the same problem, seems to be working for me now.

I’ve the same problem. Unable to log in.

We’ve restarted the server associated with the issue. Please let us know if you’ve gained access! 🙂