Stuck Landing Gear

I was taxiing on the long taxiway after landing on runway 25 at Denver, advanced, in my 319.

My ground speed was 25-30 kts as the taxiway is very long, and then, suddenly, my nose gear stuck in the ground and leaned to the down. So i couldnt move anymore.

Happened on TAXIWAY!

I didn’t make any turns as i switched on Hdg.
I had to end my flight when stuck.

Here are some photos which show the correct place where this happened

This means that you hit the runway way to hard. This also has been reported before! Please search before posting!

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You may not believe, but i always use search. This happened on the main TAXIWAY, landing was smooth. I’m trying to download more photos, but had to abandon my post in order to answer.

@CJ12 , @LSZH34 and @Tom_Grollman
Thank you all for great service, Siberian 327


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