Stuck In place?

I made a topic about this a while back and I somehow paused in mid flight. Yesterday at 12PM my time I took off from NZAA-OTHH but I just woke up and I’m still 1 and a half hours from NZAA. Am I doing something wrong here?

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Paused as in…? were you suspended mid-flight? Was the game paused? Did the game crash?

Yea i see you on LiveFlight, you’re approx. an hours away from NZ.

A simple restart of your app should fix the issue.

What device are you using?

IPad 2017, I should be around 12hrs in but it just seems like I was stuck for 12hrs in the same spot.

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So can you give me a little more information? Is your fuel still burning and is the app still functional?

Well basic physics make it seem apparent to the naked eye as if you are suspended when in fact your actually moving. The higher up you are, (especially over the ocean) make it seem your not moving.

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No, no he is actually not moving. This is an issue with the app and needs to be resolved accordingly.

Yep everything seems alright, I lost I think about 1 ton of fuel where I wasn’t supposed to lose according to simbrief. I just want to know what I’m doing wrong here cause it’s kinda annoying.

Are you going in and out of the app?

Nope left it on all night on low power mode.

Are you sure the same issue as last time hasn’t occurred again?

deactivate nav mode and adjust your heading to see if the plane turns or not

Yeah everything is functional but besides the last time I posted the similar problem it happened twice I think but I shrugged it of cause they were short flights. Though every time before I do a flight I reset my IPad so I’m just wondering how to avoid this issue.

is the ETA to Dest counting down?

Yep it’s working fine at the moment.

So is your plane moving forward right now?

if your ETA counts down to 0 and your still in flight then theres your answer

When you woke up, did you see any message popping up on the screen? (such as low battery)

When you go to sleep you are leaving your screen on what camera view and are you actually seeing the terrain change as you progress?