Stuck in Place Again

So I made two topics about this in the past

Right now I’m United 99 from YMML-KLAX, I departed yesterday at around 11PM EDT and I shold have been near or close approaching the US coast. However, I just left the Aussie coast. I tapped the screen to disable power mode and I found myself like this. The time seems to continue in IF however my aircraft seemed to have stooped completely.

liveflight link:

I’ve an IPad 2017 running IOS 11.4

These are the steps I’ve taken to prevent this so far

  1. Disable any notifications appearing that could interrupt IF i.e facteime
  2. Reset my network
  3. Reinstall of IF

Can you share a screenshot of the flight time if you haven’t ended the session yet?

Would the flight time from the status bar be alright?

Yes, that would be perfect :)

Snow_Cone is going to try something later and report back. I was able to fly up next to him and see that he was in fact now making progress again toward KLAX however progress made the previous 9 hours was minimal.

Technically if I didn’t touch my IPad and left it like that for good time I could beat an IF record lol

Ok I’m just gonna list the steps I did before I took off so that I don’t forget what I did.

  1. Tried to turn off more notifications that may interrupt IF
  2. Reset my IPad connection with my Wifi network
  3. Did a full shutdown of my IPad
  4. Disabled as many apps possible from running in the background

Now I’m just waiting to see what happens

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Alright I did the long haul flight without IFA like @Levet said and I didn’t receive the issue, though it can’t be IFA since I use it for every flight and I don’t get this preoblem frequently.

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