Stuck in Grade 2

Hi Folks, can someone guide me on how to get out of this? I am stuck at grade 2 because of more level 1 violations. How do i rectify it?

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the only way is to wait for them to disappear after the 7 days. Each violation has a countdown and will disappear after the 7 days are over.

Be careful next time to be able to enjoy the expert server.

source: Violations | Infinite Flight

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Exactly what @Chief_Beef said, but I suggest you try flying some more and better by following certain tutorials on the user guide and the Infinite Flight Youtube channel because you now have 29 violations out of 100 landings.
When on expert server, getting too much violations can kick you out for a year (on Expert Server).

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Thank you for your responses. Most of these violations occurred when i use to sleep on long haul flights and when i got up i use to have a violation message… ☹️☹️ anyways i will be more careful in the future.



make sure you are flying at the appropriate cruise speed and not like m.87 or higher. Dont activate VNAV till you are awake and present beside your device.


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