Stuck in desktop view.

Well, I was bored here on IFC and decided to see what desktop view looks like. Now I can’t switch back. I have looked at other topics, restarted browser, and done everything.

This will also be a good learner for people like me.

iOS 12
I Phone X

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No option to switch back.

It’s in the hamburger menu, not your profile menu :)


Well, I guess it hasn’t been a good night! Thank you!


Lols just got stuck too but I’m sure to get out of it you can search on google infinite flight community mobile

Oh man that didn’t work now I’m stuck too :/

And i’m stuck too haha

Ok so I just got unstuck! But you have to clear history and website data in settings>safari> Clear History and website data then it should reset.

Fairly simple to fix, really. Just click the 3 lines, then click “Mobile View”. Mine says “Desktop View” because I’m already in Mobile View. :)


Oh man ok you have the best answer thank you man!


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