Stuck in an old version

I’m currently stuck in (if i’m correct) 20.03 or something like that.

I’ve tried many times to uninstall/redownload the game, but there’s nothing to do, i can’t update IF. Can someone help me please ?

Could you please tell us what device you use?

It may be the case that your device cant update again and it will stay at 20.3.

This is to do with your device being 32bit, Infinite Flight has stepped up to 64bit for 21.1 and the future.

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Well my kernel architecture is armv8l

Dunno what it means

Are you running Android 7.0?

My android version is 10

May I ask what device you are using?

Galaxy A10


Unfortunately it looks like your device won’t run the latest version.

See this post by the developer Cameron here:


Sad A10 noises

But thx