stuck connected to tower from departing airport


since a few weeks, I’m observing something really annoying.
Everytime I leave an airport, I still hear all instructions and requests from the departing airport, though I request departure and departure is confirmed. (no matter if I request departure or if ATC approves it before requesting it).Even if I connect to unicom from another airport I still hear everything…even after 100nm …it’s so annoying omg :(
Anyone knows anything about it?
Btw no matter the airport, region, aircraft.

Perhaps it stucks at the ATCs frequency, or everytime the ATC doesn’t slide ma aircraft from his ATCscreen, though a bit weird, that would mean no one do it anymore when i’m flying lol :)…

As didn’t know what to do, I deleted IFS then reinstalled it again and tried it out again, no change :( (except that my logbook has been reseted :(((…)

Displayname: Ronny Martin IFSFG
Callsign: IFSFGCEO

no particular screenshot. If any particular screenshot needet, please tell me so I can paste it here.

Thanks in advance.


Ehrm, this is new.

Can you please provide a screenshot first from the comm.panel, and the from the ATC log? Mark “Show all”. Of course from when this have happened.

Sounds really weird, and nothing at least i’ve heard about before.


I’ll do it next time I fly

it may be a special ronny issue lol :)

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Are you sure you are switching onto another frequency? This happens to me when the frequency is busy and messages get delayed but it stops after like 30 seconds.


yes very sure
I thought first too, that I wouldn’t switch correctly or so, …
it’s been going since few weeks though…

Yeah, just need the comm.panel thing so we know you’re on Unicom. Would also be good to know what time you changed from active ATC to Unicom, just to be able to see what’s what in the ATC log :)

ATC has no control over it. Even if they swipe you, that only gets you off their screen. As said above, you may hear a few stray commands after you switch.

As a controller, I have seen people drop off the freq then return thinking they’ve switched. You could also be switching to another active frequency. But, if you truly select a Unicom, I’ve never heard of it ever leaving someone on frequency for hundreds of miles.

This is kind of an 'is it plugged in" question, but you’re positive you’re not just acknowledging the frequency change, right? You’re going and manually selecting another frequency? Because if you did that, ATC wouldn’t even be have you available to swipe away.

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@RonnyMartin. MaxSez: Your not the Lone Ranger on this one Ron. There are a few dead sport airports that transmit for miles because there are no close down range airports freq available. Canberra is an example ya gotta listen to uninterrupted chatter until your in range Sydney. Here’s a technique I use, on launch if there is no Departure,/Center freq switch I select the first down range freq available and request an advisory. This drops the departure Airfield immediately from the IF network. Don’t think you have a system problem just a bounce or repeated anomalies in the regions your flying in


I do this as well; even if there are stray lag commands, the second you provide any input the your Unicom freq, those stop. This is probably your best shot if it continues to occur. @RonnyMartin


This has happened to me before, I recommend restarting your device or re-downloading Infinite Flight.

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