Stuck camera in take off and landing

When i take off and landing
The camera stuck like that
I dont want that to happen
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Hi there! Have you tried double tapping on the screen to revert back to the original position of the camera?

do you have the shaky cam in a third party app activated? I also had that problem, that I wasn’t able to change my views while my cam was shaking. Try disabling it (if you have it active) and it should go away.

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How to disable that?

Do you use a third party app?

Infinite passengers and
in flight assistant

I don’t have IF-Passengers but I have IF-Assistant… in IF-Assistant you can find the shaky cam at copilot callouts and then at the lower right corner.

Thank you so much 🌹🌹

I hope it helped:)

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Yes it helped

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