Stuck below 15 fps even on ipad pro 2020 model

Usually I get constant 60fps on my iPad but today it's not going above 15 fps anytime. I've tried everything, from lowering graphics to the lowest setting , enabling/disabling low power mode but it's of no help. Can someone help me out? The current server load is 65%. Is it the reason?

This is probably the reason. I myself can get around 15 FPS when arriving into EGLL or EIDW etc. Or just by seeing a handful of pilots around me. But it doesn’t stay at 15 for the majority of the flight, it does go back up.

Yeah that maybe the reason but some of my friends ahead of me are getting 40-45

How much storage do you have left on your device?

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Try clearing the scenery cache. This helped me a lot recently, although I use IF limited to 30fps.

It’s under Settings > General at the bottom of the list

Thank you so much. It helped me get to 22-25 atleast

I’m glad it helped a little.

Keep Automatic Low Power mode on. It would only help your device to get a little relief, especially during cruise. It is intended for this option to reduce your performance to prevent your device from overheating and it sets the app to do 10fps. This should not effect your fps when the mode is automatically disabled.

Reducing airplane count could also help. I’d personally keep fps limited to 30 instead of 60 and I might as well turn anti-aliasing off.

My Galaxy Tab S4 is older than your device and less powerful and I still do get decent performance with everything set to high, with 30fps limitation and AA turned off. When I do long hauls I also tend to turn all the settings down to low to give my device more breathing space during 12+ hours flights. (I turn settings back to high during/right before final).
My airplane count is normally high or very high. This can effect performance, especially at busy, 3D airports. You can lower this setting as well, if needed.

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