Stuck at loading screen.

Today ive experienced not being able to fly. At all. I had started paying for IF pro and this issue came out. The WIFI is extremely good and im running on a Samsung 9+. Screenshot_20180713-083529

Please help i dont want my money to go to waste!

Your money won’t go to waste for sure. That’s why we have #support

Have you tried the following steps?

•Relaunch infinite flight

•Uninstall/reinstall app

•Device restart

Yea unfortunately to no results :(

Does this happen when you want to fly on multiplayer or solo?

Hey there,

Check this out: Game stuck on the loading screen

Both :(…

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Don’t be sad son, I have this issue too.
Here is how I temporarily fixed it. I turned off my Wifi on my phone so it now connects to cellular data. Then, I was able to get past the loading screen
Pretty odd, eh? My own Wifi won’t get past it but cellular data does. You also need a connection to get in Infinite Flight… Hmmmm…
My conclusion is that my Wifi is blocking something that allows it to get past the loading screen. Why do I think that? It’s because my cellular data doesn’t block anything! Even in China, where Google was blocked, I was able to access Google on data.
So…try getting past the loading screen using a VPN or cellular data

Ive tried that it doesnt work too… damn.

Cellular data too?
Well…you could um…clear cache? Not in the app, in the settings
Settings>Apps>Infinite Flight>Storage>Clear Data
I have an S8 so our android versions are pretty much the same

Hey @Malcolm_Lai! It seems you are having a problem. Could you try and log out of Pro and log back in please? I can’t guarantee it will work, but it is another option. Good luck! 👍

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