Stuck at grade 3

Hey everyone, lately I have been sitting at grade 3 for a large amount of time. All my stats are qualified for grade 4 except for [Landings in 90 days] which is currently only at 15. What is the most efficient way to quickly boost that up?

~ A.C

(Don’t mind the violation, it’s a one-off thing…)

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Doing a few patterns would probably get you up quickly! You can either do a proper pattern, or just turn between runways at an airport like KNRC!

“Farming” landings isn’t what I would do however, doing a few full, realistic patterns would be better! Flying GA generally will get you landings, and as a bonus it’s a super fun way of enjoying the sim


I mean you could just use a light aircraft or so and just takeoff then do touch and goes over and over again which counts for landings in the system but as a pilot I wouldn’t recommend it as I’m not a huge GA person. But yeah.

Do touch and go on casual server


Just remember that if you do lots of landings on one day, 90 days later you will lose all of those in one chunk!

I have never been above a grade 3 since global was released, I tend to hover around 30-70 landings in a 90 day period.

So that you don’t have a large drop of landings 90 days later, suggest that you build the, up by saying jumping in a GA and doing 3-5 touch and gos maybe 5 days a week so that you will build up to the right number of landings over time and also mean that if you are unable to fly for a few days you won’t drop many landings because of it and so be easier to mai.

Good luck and happy landings.


Maybe I’m just being a smartass but… I would suggest Landing aircraft xD


Landings on the casual server do not count towards one’s grade total.

Edit: The above is complete nonsense, I’ve now been informed!


what? they always count for me…


That is incorrect! Landings in any server will count towards the grade except the Solo server.


No way! That’s news to me! They’ve never counted for me, I even asked someone who confirmed that — haha!

Sorry all.


@Maxmustang, would you ever so kindly please say your thing about farming landings?


Aye, it’s true. Landings on all live servers do indeed count, however landing on the same runway multiple times in quick succession in the same pattern does not, and you should also leave a reasonable amount of time between each pattern. Flying a 10 second circle doesn’t usually cut it 🤷

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Don’t worry, to get grade 2 you should have some landings, so there’s no other way to get it

English is my second language, if something is wrong please tell me

thats also wrong, its a matter of time in between the landings. Me, aswell as my Boyfriend @IF-Toby can do multible Landings on one Runway


I found this from Chris some time ago, I’m not sure if it’s been tweaked at all since then, but I’d class it as the most accurate representation

@SunDown yeah I understand with KEDW, but that’s also a ridiculously long runway. I’m just saying it generally in regards to most airports that don’t have a 15,000ft runway 😉

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We use usually the longest runway at KEDW. When I land at the beginning on the Runway, get airborne again and keep myself in the air for like 30 Secs, and land again, its counted on my Landing count.


I would just do around 3 touch & goes per day for 90 days. if you do this you could get to grade 4 and by the time you did this you would probably have a total of 750 landings to be grade 5. Doing a ton of touch & goes is going to suck, once the 90 day mark comes you will lose all of them and have to restart from square one. Just wait it out for 90 days and you’ll work you’re way up in no time.

yeah but to say that its not counted in General is wrong, because it works. I understand your point though… I only do that from time to time on Casual and for mostly helping my Friend out as he is new to the Sim :) I agree with you, on most Runways its hardly possible… its also a question of aircrafts. While we use slow Aircrafts like the Xcub or the C172/C208, which are perfect for that, doing it in a A320 probably does not work though

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@Vinne. MaxSez: Back in the day we called it “Grinding” not “Farming”! I dislike the 90 day loss of earned credits and those who Grind/Farm to cheat this Toughlove earned credit system which is an abomination.

Farming is not a new phenomena used by those immoral beasts the system millennial types who flaunt their Grade and Status here! XP & Hours do not reflect skill level. Skills are reflected in every flight on the Trainer & so called Expert.

Here’s my first take Topic from years ago on Cheating the system. When it was written the “Old Gang” sat at Thresholds and wore out the “Report User Button”. We recognized the load factor faced by the Watchers and attempted to humiliate the malefactors. Here’s the old MaxSez:

(MaxSez: I’ve read a lot of Topic on this Forum, only a few have made me want to vomit! I could not believe me eye when I stumbled on the "Questions on XP “GRINDING”. Here’s my take on that impure thought and the multiple Supportive Commenters who gave aid and encouragement to the do’er;
“True Aviator/Gammers are moral men! The don’t abide cheaters, liars, charlatans or phonies. Grinding is Cheating! … Because of Grinding , n my opinion the only way to get on the Leader Board now is by Grinding. Grinder numbers are a FRAUD and indicate one’s lack of an honorable center & low self esteem. It had to be said, take it or leave it, the truth hurts!” End)



@Airborne_Canuck if you don’t mind me asking:

Grinding/farming landings aside, why do you want grade 4? You should have access to essentially everything with grade 3